Kevin O’Connell

Kevin is a lead trainer at Reebok CrossFit ONE. He has been coaching CrossFit since 2011. Prior to his experience with CrossFit, Kevin worked as an Occupational Therapist. Following graduate studies from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT he began working in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation in a private practice on Long Island, NY. It was during this time that he first was exposed to CrossFit. He had found an opportunity to bring his passion of sport and rehabilitation all under one roof. Kevin also has experience working in acute care and sub-acute care, mental/behavioral health and substance abuse disorders, as well as movement based therapy for children and young adults with developmental delays. His passion is to work with people of all abilities to help them reach their goals through fitness and health.

CrossFit: Level 1
CrossFit: Level 2
CrossFit: Level 3 (Certified Trainer)
CrossFit: Movement and Mobility
CrossFit: Strongman
CrossFit: Kids
HawkGrips: Certified HawkGrips Practitioner (Level II)
Kinesio Taping: Certified Kinesio Taping Technician (CKTT)

Jenna McKean

Jenna started CrossFit back in 2013 when she first moved to London. Bored of her regular gym routine and short on friends after moving
to a new city, she fell in love with CrossFit because it was so much fun and very sociable. Immersing herself into coaching was
the next logical step so that she can share the experience of getting fit and healthy, without it ever feeling like a chore,
with other people. Her favorite demographic to coach nowadays is beginners from all backgrounds and walks of life. She feels strongly
about getting people to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and with exercise, and truly thinks CrossFit is
for everyone, of all physical abilities and ages. Giving beginners a positive experience with exercise and with CrossFit is paramount
to Jenna, because she wants them to stick with it for life. She wants to empower people, to make them healthier, stronger,
happier and more confident in themselves.

Despite being very partial to being part of a beginners journey, she also enjoys working with those who want to become more competitive.
She herself competes in CrossFit, notably making the finals at the German Throwdown in 2017 and at the European Championships in 2018.
At her gym they call her ‘the muscle up guru’ because she’s known for getting people their first muscle ups. She’s also passionate about
teaching weightlifting and loves to geek out on the physics behind it.

CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1
Psychology Degree
Strength & Power L1
Precision Nutrition L1

Marcel Wallace

Marcel’s first coaching experience came at age 18 when he worked with Arsenal Football club to develop their community outreach football programmes in London and Greece. A few years down the line, in 2012, he discovered CrossFit and threw himself into training.
In 2014 he made the decision to get his Level 1 and start coaching full time.

He is now a senior coach at CrossFit Central London, and has competed at regional and national level in Olympic Weightlifting.
He is also completing his MSc in Physiotherapy in 2018, and hopes to continue combining his knowledge and experience of coaching in
his practice as a sports physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy MSc (graduating in September 2018)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1 Trainer
British Weightlifting Level 1 and Level 2 Coach
FA Level 1 Coach

Mira Singh

Mira’s background specialty is in the area of Pilates, exercise which teaches strengthening from the inside out.
She is known to be excellent at teaching how to develop good body awareness that translates into living more comfortably,
moving better and being more efficient in sport. She is a huge fan of CrossFit as she loves the complexity,
intensity and challenge that come along with the sport. It goes with her type of personality.
One who enjoys change and tackles desired goals. A gymnast in her youth and aerobics instructor for 25+ years,
her love of the fitness industry has gone from simple to complex as she now also has a love for powerlifting as well as olympic lifts.
She loves being part of someone’s fitness/health journey. It is both gratifying and satisfying as a coach when we see people
accomplishing things they might have never thought they could do. With our full attention and care we can help and support you
on whatever it is you want and are looking to get from our facility.

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Movement and Mobility with Kelly Starrett
NCCP Weightlifting with Guy Greavette
Stott Pilates Certified Instructor
Freestyle Connection with Carl Paoli
CrossFit Powerlifting
CrossFit Olympic Lifting with Mike Burgener
CrossFit Gymnastics

Jan Greger

Jan was born in Berlin and his first sport was track and field.
He has been a CrossFitter for 6 years and is the Co-founder of
Sweat & Tears CrossFit box in Munich.
He was a professional handball player for 13 years; he is no stranger when it comes to the commitment of serious training and competition.
He is currently a physiotherapist, sports-physiotherapist and manual therapist.

A CrossFitter since 2012
CrossFit Level 2 Coach
CrossFit Kids Coach
CrossFit Gymnastik Coach
CrossFit Football Coach
German 2018 Champion for indoor ergometer rowing (30 minutes/ 8586 Meter)

Dimitri Spiliotis

Dimitri is the owner of Melitsina Village Hotel and CrossFit Unboxed. The fusion of his two passions, that of hospitality and fitness is a dream come true and he is absolutely dedicated to creating a dream vacation experience. 10 years of training and competing in various martial arts as well as  body building since the age of 17 Dimitri always enjoyed pushing his limits and taking up a new challenge. He discovered CrossFit in 2013 and fell in love with the sport as well as the community setting which is unparalleled.

A CrossFitter since 2013
CrossFit Level 1