Mira Singh

Mira’s background specialty is in the area of Pilates, exercise which teaches strengthening from the inside out.
She is known to be excellent at teaching how to develop good body awareness that translates into living more comfortably,
moving better and being more efficient in sport. She is a huge fan of CrossFit as she loves the complexity,
intensity and challenge that come along with the sport. It goes with her type of personality.
One who enjoys change and tackles desired goals. A gymnast in her youth and aerobics instructor for 25+ years,
her love of the fitness industry has gone from simple to complex as she now also has a love for powerlifting as well as olympic lifts.
She loves being part of someone’s fitness/health journey. It is both gratifying and satisfying as a coach when we see people
accomplishing things they might have never thought they could do. With our full attention and care we can help and support you
on whatever it is you want and are looking to get from our facility.

CrossFit Level 1
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NCCP Weightlifting with Guy Greavette
Stott Pilates Certified Instructor
Freestyle Connection with Carl Paoli
CrossFit Powerlifting
CrossFit Olympic Lifting with Mike Burgener
CrossFit Gymnastics

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