Jenna McKean

Jenna started CrossFit back in 2013 when she first moved to London. Bored of her regular gym routine and short on friends after moving
to a new city, she fell in love with CrossFit because it was so much fun and very sociable. Immersing herself into coaching was
the next logical step so that she can share the experience of getting fit and healthy, without it ever feeling like a chore,
with other people. Her favorite demographic to coach nowadays is beginners from all backgrounds and walks of life. She feels strongly
about getting people to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies and with exercise, and truly thinks CrossFit is
for everyone, of all physical abilities and ages. Giving beginners a positive experience with exercise and with CrossFit is paramount
to Jenna, because she wants them to stick with it for life. She wants to empower people, to make them healthier, stronger,
happier and more confident in themselves.

Despite being very partial to being part of a beginners journey, she also enjoys working with those who want to become more competitive.
She herself competes in CrossFit, notably making the finals at the German Throwdown in 2017 and at the European Championships in 2018.
At her gym they call her ‘the muscle up guru’ because she’s known for getting people their first muscle ups. She’s also passionate about
teaching weightlifting and loves to geek out on the physics behind it.

CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1
Psychology Degree
Strength & Power L1
Precision Nutrition L1

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